Jasmine Mercer - Artist

Jasmine Mercer: Tree Frog Illustration www.treefrogillustration.co.uk

Jasmine is an illustrator, artist and visual storyteller who takes great inspiration from nature. She is particularly drawn to the quirks in the personalities of those that dwell there and is gradually making a name for herself for her quirky characters and the irreverent view of life presented. Scenarios in which these characters interact with each other and their environment are often humorous or touching and reveal a little more about what it means to be human.

Most images are created using acrylic: revelling in its versatility but pen & ink, mixed media, spray paint and digital adventures are not unknown!
Jasmine works with children’s book publishers, art galleries, magazines, advertisers, art institutions, writers and musicians. If you have a scenario that you wish to see illustrated please contact her to arrange a commission on: 07947 244423 or by email at: treefrog_illustration@hotmail.com

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